The Ram Duriseti Grant

The pandemic worldwide has brought uncertainty and unprecedented fear among the elderly. You must understand the importance of social connection for older adults. The retired and elderly individuals often require a helping hand and also people around them.

They are very vulnerable due to certain factors such as weak immune system, inability to fight the disease, viruses, infections, and the chronic condition they undergo. The possibilities of recovery among them are complicated and slow.

Taking care of your loved ones, especially the elderly is not easy. As they are most of the time alone, they can suffer from anxiety and depression. The spread of the pandemic has amplified their existing worries in various ways.

Ram Duriseti provides valuable advice on how to care for the elderly during the pandemic

  • Social support: it is an essential factor in taking care of the elderly. As a caregiver, it is your responsibility to keep checking on their phone calls, their messages, get them involved in various household activities, etc. You can also leave a note on the door just as a gesture of support. Try to cook something special for them hey or provide for home delivery of their favorite food items so that they do not feel left alone. If you take care of their interests and requirements, then social support is quickly delivered. According to Ram Duriseti, social support is one of the best ways to help elderly individuals fight social isolation and loneliness.


  • Run errands: for this, try to provide them with essential services like grocery shopping for them, buying them their daily essentials like eggs, bread, milk, etc. You can also help them by insuring tool supplies and sending reminders of their medical check-up. It will make them feel wanted, thereby infusing positivity among them.
  • Avoid social isolation: avoid social isolation of those who are in care facilities. You may limit personal visits but stay connected to them via video calls, chats, and online social media platforms. You will have to help the elderly understand the importance of practicing social distancing. Though it is challenging, they will eventually understand the importance of social distancing while reassuring social engagement.
  • Stay connected with them: Staying connected amid the pandemic is not tough. There are a variety of ways that you may explore in this regard. Telephonic conversations, video chats, video counseling, etc. are crucial to staying connected with older adults to combat loneliness.
  • Keep emergency contacts ready: one very effective way of helping the elderly is by keeping their speed dial and emergency contacts in place. Emergencies may emerge at any point in time without any prior notice. They must be able to contact anyone without delay in case of a crisis. Any delay in this regard can be detrimental to the elderly.

Therefore taking care of the elderly is not a difficult task. Only a little bit of concern and alertness can help you to go about the process smoothly. Various online and offline platforms can help you provide personal and medical care to the elderly. Try to use the digital platform to find out innovative ways to give comprehensive care to the elderly.