The Ram Duriseti Grant

The Coronavirus outbreak has intensified the importance of socializing in every part of human lives. People from every sector are struggling to survive under such circumstances. It has become mandatory for people to surrender social connections, which brought down the quality of living. Studies show that social connection is the key to a healthy life and sustainability.

The education department, employment sectors, entertainment, traveling, and recreation sectors have come to a standstill. It is through the global pandemic that people have realized the significance of social life. The virus has established the importance of amplifying social support for the older members of the society, the working class, and students.

Ram Duriseti mentions few concerns of social distancing and its impact on various sectors during the pandemic

Global pandemic results in social isolation globally

Since isolation was a usual problem before the virus outbreak, social distancing and quarantine norms have intensified the existing issue. Apart from essential workers, the virus has barred family members to live close to each other. The part of the population who live alone is the most to suffer as social distancing means living in complete isolation for months. Social isolation has minimized any contact with an outsider. According to various studies, the pandemic has increased the problem of loneliness and depression threefold. Besides, the general population facing solitude, the older adults, and the poor sections of society are the most to suffer.

Risky existence due to social isolation

With the outspread of a communicating virus, limited people bother about mental health. Seclusion and stay at home orders is more challenging than the deadly virus, says Ram Duriseti. People suffering from isolation and loneliness can die earlier than those affected by various health issues. The impact of alienation is long-term and is not evident immediately. Human beings are social beings and a person cannot survive on their own. Every human need the support of others to feel safe and secure. Therefore, the necessity to establish connections prevails. Nearness to other people is a social need, and those ignoring this need suffer from physical ailments, such as hypertension and stress.

Social interaction is a chief component of every area

The virus’s outbreak highlights the significance of social interaction since every aspect of life requires social distancing. Every field of social contact is closed, whether it is a religious place or an entertainment zone. The new normal is changing the way people work and live. Some sectors call for permanent change in social norms, thus worsening people’s mental and physical state. However, precautionary measures and regular analysis is essential before resolving issues.

Technological dependency

Social distancing and lockdown orders are making people unoccupied and inactive, thus increasing their screen time. Although screen time was an existing problem that has become worse during the pandemic, yet the new normal is calling for tech services in all fields. Work from home and homeschooling has become a vital part of everyone’s life. The internet that was a necessity earlier has now become a basic need for every household.

No matter how essential digital applications may be, it cannot replace the satisfaction achieved by human connections. Thus you must remain socially active by productively using digital media to ease out mental stress.